VNLC 85°C Bake Sale


This bread sale brings 85 to the Walk
And we’re like,
It’s tasty, so stop
Done right,
It’s fresher, so stop
Let us serve you
With some bread and charm.

That’s right! VNLC is having an 85°C bake sale on Bruinwalk! Come join us and fuel up with some deliciously fresh treats before you face off with midterms or classes.

Brioche: $4
Marble Taro: $4
Milk Pudding: $3
Garlic Cheese: $3
Cheese Dog: $3

DEALS! Buy any two of the following for $5: Milk Pudding, Garlic Cheese, or Cheese Dog.

Want an early access pass? Check out our pre-order form and secure your order today!

General Meeting

VNLC Week 4 GM: Tết Traditions and Calligraphy

16387122_1563157440380550_1305611614765458780_nChúc mừng năm mới!

Tết Nguyên Đán is the most important holiday in Vietnamese culture. Come join us at our second GM this quarter to learn more about the history of Tết and the traditions that the Vietnamese have continued to honor and celebrate. ♥

P.S. If you didn’t get to check out our calligraphy booth at the Tết Festival, we’re bringing the materials to GM 😀

Hope to see you there!

When: Thursday, February 2nd 7-8 pm

Where: Ackerman 2410

General Meeting

VNLC Week 2 GM: School in Vietnam!


Come to VNLC’s first general meeting of the quarter! We will be talking about upcoming events and the topic of the meeting is School in Vietnam!
Come and learn about the differences in school systems between Vietnam and the US! We’ll learn about why girls only wear traditional áo dài and the reason behind why Vietnam has only a handful of universities.
Hope to see you there!

Date: Thursday January 19th

Time: 7-7:50 pm

Location: Ackerman 2410


VNLC Tết Festival 2017


The Vietnamese Language and Culture club (VNLC) at UCLA invites and welcomes you to our 23rd annual Tết Festival at Ackerman Grand Ballroom, on Sunday, January 22nd, from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. Admission is FREE and so are our activities.

In Vietnamese culture, Tết Nguyên Đán (the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, often simply shortened to “Tết”), is considered to be the most important holiday and holds great meaning. The coming of Tết is welcomed across the world with many festivities as friends and family gather to celebrate. For over two decades, it has been the goal of the Vietnamese Language and Culture organization to share the traditions often seen during Tết and bring them to the UCLA community. Our event features different activities to engage in: from playing games and winning prizes to sampling authentic Vietnamese food to watching our amazing performances.
ADMISSION IS FREE. Whether you are already familiar with Tết or have a keen interest to learn, we welcome you to join us in learning more about our traditions and the way we in which we celebrate the Lunar New Year!

Date: Sunday, January 22nd, 2017
Time: 5:00pm-9:00pm. (Doors open at 5:00pm for activities, and performances will start at approximately 5:30pm. )
Location: Ackerman Grand Ballroom, UCLA

Special performances by:
– VNLC Traditional Dance
– VNLC Chorus
– VNLC Fashion Show
– UCLA Kung Fu Club
– UCLA Awechords
– Lion Dance