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VNLC Koala T Fundraiser

koala t fundraiser

Come out to Koala T Cafe this Thursday ANYTIME AT ALL and enjoy some yummy food and refreshing drinks! Just mention VNLC with each transaction that you make and help us raise some money for our service projects!!!

This fundraiser lasts all day, but VNLC will be meeting in front of De Neve at 5:45pm to walk down together, or you can also meet us at Koala T at 6pm…either way, come enjoy some quality food with a quality club!

Date: Thursday May 18th – 2:00 a.m. May 19th

Where: Koala T (meet at 5:45 p.m. in front of De Neve to walk with members)



VNLC Koala T Fundraiser


If you’re down for some amazing food and drinks and wanna help promote community service, then come on down to Koala T any time this Wednesday and help a club out.

The Vietnamese Language and Culture club is hosting this fundraiser Wed, March 1st, 11:30 am – 1 am so just mention the club name – VNLC – when you order!

The fundraiser lasts all day, but VNLC will be meeting at the bear at 7pm on Wednesday to go together 🙂

And remember to make separate transactions!

VNLC is a non-profit community service organization that provides mentorship for high schoolers as well as outreach within the Vietnamese community, and you’d be helping to support them at no extra cost to yourself!!!

PLUS!!! Become Instagram famous (or Twitter or Facebook) by posting a pic with your delicious food and using the hashtag (#koalatcafe) and (#vnlc).


VNLC 85°C Bake Sale


This bread sale brings 85 to the Walk
And we’re like,
It’s tasty, so stop
Done right,
It’s fresher, so stop
Let us serve you
With some bread and charm.

That’s right! VNLC is having an 85°C bake sale on Bruinwalk! Come join us and fuel up with some deliciously fresh treats before you face off with midterms or classes.

Brioche: $4
Marble Taro: $4
Milk Pudding: $3
Garlic Cheese: $3
Cheese Dog: $3

DEALS! Buy any two of the following for $5: Milk Pudding, Garlic Cheese, or Cheese Dog.

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