Rendering Encouragement in Academic Commitment to Higher Education (REACHE)

REACHE 3.png

Rendering Encouragement in Academic Commitment to Higher Education (REACHE) was established in order to motivate the students of Canoga Park High School to pursue higher education. This program supplements the education students receive by providing tutoring and mentorship services outside of school hours. These services allow tutors to help students set goals, keep track of and evaluate their academic progress, work towards high school graduation, and be prepared for college.

In the spring, VNLC hosts OutREACHE Day, during which we bring students from CPHS and the San Fernando Valley Boys and Girls Club to UCLA for a day of workshops and tours intended to familiarize students and their families with various aspects of university life and ease the transition from high school to college.


Our services include:

  • Subject-tutoring (math, science, English, etc.)
  • Test preparation (subject-based, SAT, ACT, AP, etc.)
  • High school advice (extracurricular activities, class planning, time management, picking the right college, etc.)
  • College application workshops (personal statement essay, financial aid, etc.)


Sites:  Tuesday | 3:00 P.M – 6:45 P.M. (includes transportation time)

Rides to Canoga Park High School are provided. Meet at the Bruin Bear at 3:00 P.M.

Contact our Programs Directors Willson Nguyen and Thy Vo at for more information or to sign up to volunteer here.