Meet the Staff

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Khanh Le, Executive Director

khanhYear: 3rd Year
Major: Biology
VNLC Responsibilities: I oversee all aspects of VNLC!
Why did you join VNLC? Growing up, I always sought ways to feel more connected to my Vietnamese heritage. Through VNLC, I found a community of people who made me feel welcomed and accepted and shared my interest in learning more about my culture and preserving our people’s customs. VNLC has also given me the opportunity to teach Vietnamese to children on the weekends, which has enabled me to stay in touch with my roots while making sure the Vietnamese language and traditions will not be forgotten in the next generation.
College advice: Remember to make time for friends and family, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!
Fun fact: I read 50 books this summer!
Favorite quote: “Our hearts, they need a mirror. We see our better selves in the eyes of those who love us.” – Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess
Other extracurriculars: Co-Outreach Director of Medical, Educational Missions & Outreach (MEMO)
Contact information:

Valerie Nguyen, Internal Relations Co-Director

valerieYear: 3rd Year
Major: Anthropology/Asian Humanities
VNLC Responsibilities: Maintain relations within the club itself, handle interns, take care of the end-of-year-banquet
Why did you join VNLC? I joined VNLC because I knew I wanted to stay in touch with my cultural background while I was away at university. VNLC helped me keep this bit of home with me and reminded me to always stay grounded in my roots.
College advice: Don’t beat yourself up too much. You do you, boo.
Other extracurriculars: NSU Odori (Japanese Traditional Dance)
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Tam Nguyen, Internal Relations Co-Director

tamYear: 3rd Year
Major: Chemistry
VNLC Responsibilities: Maintain a safe and professional environment by addressing conflicts and concerns between club members; reach out to new members to help in the recruitment process; lead the internship program at the beginning of fall quarter; conduct mid-year staff evaluations; lay out goals for the following year with the executive directors, and oversee staff applications; and plan the end-of-the-year banquet for logistics and funding.
Why did you join VNLC? I joined VNLC because I was inspired through VNLC’s Tet Festival that I volunteered to be part of in sophomore year as well as my appreciation toward VNLC’s mission of promoting the continuation of Vietnamese traditions and giving academic guidance to youth.
What would you tell your freshman self? I would say “Hey, stop hiding in your comfort zone, stop being shy and make the best out of everything you are provided!”
College advice: If you try your best, no need to regret!
Must do at UCLA: Ice blocking near the grass area by Janss Steps
Fun fact: Most of my friends say that my Facebook name is a spam name_ “Little Miracle”
Favorite quote: “If you don’t get a miracle… become one.” Nick Vujicic
Other extracurriculars: Eucharist Minister at UCC and volunteer researcher at Geschwind Lab
Contact information: (818) 747-9943 |


Thy Vo, Treasurer/Internal Programs Director

thyYear: 3rd Year
Major: Economics
VNLC Responsibilities: As treasurer, I keep track of VNLC funds and expenditures. I also oversee funding apps, fundraisers, and reimbursements. As the Internal Programs Director, I am in charge of recruiting and training tutors for sites as well as planning out VNLC’s annual OutREACHE program.
Why did you join VNLC? Growing up, I was never surrounded by many Vietnamese people and so eventually much of the language and culture was lost on me. Coming to UCLA, I saw an opportunity to change that. I joined VNLC specifically because I prefer a small, close-knit group, especially one centered around the Vietnamese culture. I wanted to learn more about the language, the culture, and be surrounded by people who could relate to this.
What would you tell your freshman self? Freshman year will be your easiest year, so make sure to get as many A’s and B’s as possible to offset all the lower grades you’ll most likely be getting as you enter your major and start looking for internships and pursuing possible career opportunities. Plus, you need a fan…or you will bake in your dorm.
College advice: It’s totally cool walking around in sweats and a hoodie while eating a tub of ice cream if its finals week…or any week for that matter.
Must do at UCLA: Go to the culture nights and never be called an uncultured swine again (maybe). Join in the screams of your people during finals. Prohibited? What are they going to do, fine you $35,000 and make you spend the rest of your life paying it off? Also, Koreatown is just a bus ride away, so get your KBBQ on and top it off with a California Donut.
Fun fact: I’d walk a mile for panda donuts, literally.
Favorite quote: Do I really look like a guy with a plan? … You know, I just *do* things.
Other extracurriculars: Student Supervisor at Bruin Cafe, Professional Binge Watcher, Unhealthy Foodie
Contact information: (951) 525- 7964 *just call me, beep me if you want to reach me*

Willson Nguyen, External Programs Director

willsonYear: 3rd Year
Major: Chemistry
VNLC Responsibilities: I am in charge of transportation along with communication with our project contacts. These duties also include planning out site visits for transportation requests and communicating with the team so everyone is aware of dates.
Why did you join VNLC? I was first introduced to VNLC through a collaboration during my first year when I was in VCH (Vietnamese Community Health). During my second year, my friends recommended that I attend some SVT sites and I really enjoyed the people in VNLC and the recipients I worked with. This led to applying for internship and eventually applying to staff.
What would you tell your freshman self? I would tell my Freshman self to study more and less slacking off as I face the consequences now but don’t regret what I did. I would tell him do what you think you should do. I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t doing me.
College advice: Use at least your first quarter to transition to university life. It is DIFFERENT to high school and life at home. University life is a unique feeling of freedom you may not have ever again in a controlled environment. Use it, experience it, cherish it. You determine your university experience and life, not the university.
Must do at UCLA: Get to know people on the floor and perhaps strangers you meet at club meetings or class. You’d be surprised about who you meet and stick with throughout your stay! Try venturing the UCLA campus past midnight, with people for safety of course.
Fun fact: During a monsoon in Vietnam, I was electrocuted.
Favorite quote: “I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying” – Oscar Wilde
Other extracurriculars: Vietnamese Community Health (VCH), Mitochondria Research, and Lab Associate
Contact information:

Nhat Anh Cao, Tet Coordinator

anhYear: 3rd Year
Major: Physiological Sciences
VNLC Responsibilities: Oversee preparations for the annual Tet (Lunar New Year) Festival
Why did you join VNLC? Vietnamese culture is very important to me and I wanted to increase awareness of it while also contributing to the community.
What would you tell your freshman self? Sleep whenever and wherever you can
College advice: Use your planner, don’t get behind on work, form study groups
Must do at UCLA: Try a Mt. Vesuvius at 1919
Fun fact: There are few things I love more than soda chanh (Vietnamese lemon soda)
Favorite quote: “I never look back darling, it distracts from the now” -Edna Mode
Other extracurriculars: Vietnamese Community Health (VCH), Medical, Educational Missions & Outreach (MEMO), eating at random times
Contact information: (707) 623-7279