Week 2 General Meeting – Vietnamese Entertainment

We will be kicking off of our Winter Quarter General Meetings this week with a special GM focused on Vietnamese Entertainment~ Come out to MS 3915D THIS THURSDAY from 6-7PM to learn and talk about how Vietnamese forms of entertainment have changed, preserved our culture, and strengthened the Vietnamese community here and abroad. ♥


Week 6 General Meeting – Vietnamese Families

This week's general meeting topic will be Vietnamese Families! With Thanksgiving and the holidays just around the corner, we want to talk about and be reminded of the importance of family in Vietnamese culture. We will also be reflecting upon our own experiences with different Vietnamese family traditions and gatherings! Come out and join us … Continue reading Week 6 General Meeting – Vietnamese Families

VNLC 2017-2018 Internship Applications

Greetings from Vietnamese Language and Culture! VNLC is a student organization at UCLA that promotes and preserves Vietnamese culture and traditions by upholding the values of cultural involvement and educational enrichment, and we would like to invite you to apply for our 2017-2018 internship program!

VNLC Welcome Week 2017

HI EVERYONE! Vietnamese Language and Culture at UCLA welcomes new and old Bruins back to another wonderful school year! It wouldn't be UCLA's Welcome Week without fun and exciting events to kick off a new year at UCLA. We are thrilled to invite everyone to our 2017 Welcome Week events! Come on out to not only discover what our organization strives to achieve, but also have a great time and enjoy delicious food! Here are our upcoming events (you don't want to miss out on these, I promise):