Tết Festival

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VNLC Tết Festival has become an annual tradition at UCLA, and this year will mark our 24th year celebrating Tết Nguyên Đán, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. It is believed that a joyous Tết atmosphere will ensure a year of prosperity, and as such, Tet is always marked by grand celebrations. Our program, which takes place this year on Sunday, February 11, 2018 in Ackerman Grand Ballroom, UCLA, seeks to recreate this lively atmosphere by offering traditional games and delicacies as well as cultural performances such as Lion Dance, Áo Dài Fashion Show, and Traditional Dance.

Tết is one of the most important aspects of Vietnamese culture. Unfortunately, it is not as widely celebrated in the United States, and as such, individuals who wish to celebrate the holiday face barriers to doing so, especially faculty and students residing near UCLA. VNLC hopes that bringing this program to UCLA and working to generate a genuine Tết atmosphere will allow those who are not able to celebrate with their families to have an authentic and enjoyable holiday experience.

UCLA is fortunate to be home to a very diverse environment, but even so, the Vietnamese community remains underrepresented. We hope that our program will be able to recognize and define Vietnamese culture in this diverse environment. VNLC Tết Festival is, and has always been free to the public. We hope our event helps spread awareness of Vietnamese culture, thereby creating a more knowledgeable, tolerant, and interconnected UCLA community and highlighting the importance of cultural expression.

VNLC works hard to create an authentic Tết atmosphere by featuring traditional Vietnamese foods, games, decorations, and art forms, which inevitably results in high costs—many of which are wholly or partially not covered by UCLA funding. This program is a labor of love. A large team of UCLA students have donated their precious time to rehearse and prepare for this event because we are dedicated to producing the most engaging and successful show possible. We hope you will support our vision and mission of spreading awareness of Vietnamese culture and of bringing joy to the community.

We’ve created a gofundme for this year’s Tết Festival! We appreciate any and all donations to help fund this amazing and memorable celebration! Please share this with your friends and family!

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Nhat Anh Cao

VNLC Tết Festival Coordinator